You know that feeling?

The feeling that you have made another person really, truly, unexpectedly happy? If you don't know it, you should definitely try it. There are few things as delicious as the feeling that another person is passionately grateful to you!

The best safety technology this planet has ever seen is built into people, or at least, almost all people.

That system is called 'honesty'. Thnx has relied on that system for years. And it really works.


our tags

With our tags, every finder can be an honest finder with the least possible effort. Just scan or make contact with your smartphone and you'll know how to get something marked 'thnx' back to its owner.

Via our unsurpassed app, the owner has preset exactly what information will be shared with you, the finder.

These are the people leading the honest finder revolution

Vildan Korjenic

"thnx for allowing me to express my passion in this amazing project! #thankful"

Raimond Kuipers

"The Friday afternoon drink at thnx is the best in the Netherlands".

Niels Olde Heuvel

"collectively making the world a little more beautiful and fair"

Ivo Roefs

"The best part is saying thank you in advance to the finder."

Wim Bollen

"I'm delighted that we're supporting Alzheimer's research."

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