We are convinced that the world is full of honest finders. We just need to make it a little easier for them. That is exactly what thnx tags do! Thnx tags are attached to your treasured belongings. Each tag has a unique QR code that can be scanned by anyone. If you lose something and it is found, that person will find you immediately. Because there are enough honest finders in the world.
Now the world only needs more thnx tags.

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Our tags are cheerful and eye-catching. Choose the colour that suits you and your valuables best.

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Suddenly millions of people are helping you look for your lost stuff.

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This is how you get your valuables back

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thnx for your honesty!

People lose things. It's as simple as that. Of course we can provide all those things with expensive tracking devices. But we rely on a more affordable and much better system. And it's built into almost every human being. That system is called honesty.

The most important thing thnx does is to give honesty a helping hand. Because honest finders need to be able to find you. And thnx makes that possible. By scanning the QR code, there is direct contact between you and the finder: the finder knows how to reach you and you know where your stuff is.

thnx makes people happy!

Over 200,000 treasured items already have a thnx tag. And it works!

These colored tags really make me happy. Perfect for someone who always loses everything :)

Lisa V. Dec 15, 2020
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Stick a thnx sticker on e.g. your smartphone, laptop, hard drive or drone. If you are satisfied, then you know where to find us.

You pay the shipping costs of 1.95, we pay for the sticker (worth 5.-) incl. access to our multifunctional lost & found app.

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Why you should have thnx yesterday

No subscription!

With thnx, you're never stuck with a subscription. Every thnx tag just keeps working forever.

It works 100%.

Our tags have no battery so they always work 100%.

The finder needs nothing

Our system works for anyone with a smartphone.

Bluetooth is too limited for us

Thnx is a system you can always rely on. No updates, no aging technology.  

You can be found without a phone

The finder can always send you a message, which you will receive in your mailbox.

No one can see who or where you are

But you can see in the thnx app where your stuff is found.

For us privacy is sacred. So no worries

Only you have and keep control of your data in the thnx app.

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With the thnx app you can easily register your tags. You decide how honest finders can reach you. You can also add a personal message or an extra reward.
That is up to you.