Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is thnx?
2. NFC? QR code? What is that?
3. How does Thnx work?
4. What do you mean "the greatest opportunity"?
5. Does the finder need to have the app as well? Or a certain type of smartphone?
6. Do thnx tags work on a battery?
7. There are trackers, aren't there?
8. There's bluetooth, right?
9. How much does Thnx cost?
10. Are there no subscription fees?
11. Are there any costs associated with the app?
12. Are there any costs, if my belongings are found?
13. Is there any personal information on the Thnx-Tag?
14. Can the finder see where I am?
15. What do you do with my data?
16. The find location is not exactly right
17. The find location is not shown
18. I want to scan my tag but get a black screen

Thnx is a simple system, based on tags with NFC or QR code. It offers the greatest chance of getting lost items back to you. 

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technique that is built into more and more smartphones. You only have to hold your phone against the tag to be able to read the information.

A QR code is a kind of complicated barcode, which you can scan with the camera of a smartphone or tablet.

So NFC and QR codes are both ways to read information with a smartphone in one motion. 

The moment a finder scans your thnx tag, you as the owner will receive a message. You will receive a push message on your smartphone about the location of the find. The finder can also send you a message, so you can make arrangements about how your belongings will be returned to you. 

Because most people are honest, this way you have the greatest chance of getting your lost things back to you quickly and easily. 

There are over 5 billion people in the world with a smartphone. Most of these people are honest and love to help others. 

The chance that your stuff is found by an honest finder, is already enormous. And by giving the finder the chance to contact you directly with thnx tags, you maximize the chance of your stuff coming back to you.

No, the finder doesn't have to download anything. Thnx tags can be scanned with any smartphone running on Android or iOS. 

No, that is one of the big advantages. A Thnx-Tag cannot get empty; there is no battery in it.

There are more and more (quite expensive) systems based on GPS. But they only tell you where your lost stuff is. They don't help you get your stuff back. 

An honest finder can't use it, because a tracker is one-way traffic. And a dishonest finder will disable or remove the tracker in no time

There are all kinds of solutions based on Bluetooth. Perfect for a bunch of keys or a wallet you can't find. But the range of Bluetooth is extremely limited: indoors to 20 metres; outdoors to a maximum of 60 metres. 

When it comes to things you could lose further away, Bluetooth is of no use to you.  

To be able to use Thnx, you only need to buy a Thnx-Tag (this can be done for a small amount). There are no further costs involved in using Thnx. 

No, there are no subscription fees. 

No, there is no charge for the app. 

No, there are no costs involved in the match with a finder. 

Although, of course, it never hurts to buy a little something and send something sweet back when you're reunited with your stuff. 

What appears when someone scans your Thnx tag is entirely up to you. And you can change it at any time. You can include your name and address, phone number or email address. 

You can also decide not to show any personal information. For example: you go on holiday, and you don't want to show your data to make sure burglars don't get any ideas. 

The finder of your thnx tag can then still leave a message for you, which you get as a push message on your smartphone.

No. You get to see where the finder is, but nobody can see where you are.

We are very careful with your data. You can read all about it in our Privacy Policy.

Research shows that the find location is accurate in 94.6% of the cases. But for this information every thnx tag is dependent on two parties: the producer of your smartphone and your provider. That is why deviations can occur. 

The reliability of Thnx-Tags is not based on the exact location, but on the direct contact with the finder. 

The location to be received depends on the finder. The finder always decides whether or not he wants to share his location with the owner.

Apart from the fact that this is in our eyes also very decent, we are also strictly bound to the privacy regulations in this matter.

If you want to scan a tag, you can choose the option to scan a QR code. If you choose this option and get a black screen, you probably haven't given your smartphone or tablet access to the use of the camera of the device. This camera allows you to scan the QR code.

You can change this by going to the settings of your smartphone or tablet and finding the thnx app there. There you can give access to your camera, after which you can still scan the QR code.